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L.R. Montgomery - A Local Artist and Devoted Conservationist

'Dream Farm,' artist's conception of the Vinegar Flats Farm Urban Agriculture Education Center in full swing by Spokane artist and conservationist L.R. Montgomery.We are honored and grateful that Spokane artist L.R. Montgomery agreed to create a painting for the Spokane Farmland Preservation Working Group to use in our outreach to save the Pilcher farm in Vinegar Flats from development. The Latah Creek area just south of town has special meaning for L.R. He comes regularly to the stretch of the creek right around where the Vinegar Flats farmland, that is being threatened, is to paint. He has for years. His appreciation of the beauty of this place is tempered by a concern about the water quality of the creek and the threat of more urban development impacting the area's fragile naturalness. That's why it is so momentous that the Spokane Farmland Preservation Working Group became acquainted with him and that he so generously painted the "Dream Farm" painting to help us in our campaign to preserve the farm. L.R. has been using his talent as an artist to help with Spokane conservation efforts for many years. Read a nice profile of him in this article from the Spokesman Review.